She’ll Find A Way (A Poem)

She finds a way She’ll find a way always To push into purpose with weak limbs and tired fingers She finds a way She’ll find a way always To see life like light through tears that threaten her vision She’ll see anyway See herself on the other side of it “On the other side of … Continue reading She’ll Find A Way (A Poem)

30 Soul Nuggets on Life, Womanhood and Becoming

I want to share with you 30 things that I have learned along this journey of womanhood, motherhood, marriage, faith and becoming free. These are short and sweet soulful nuggets that I picked up along the way. This could have easily been a list of one hundred with all of the ups and downs that … Continue reading 30 Soul Nuggets on Life, Womanhood and Becoming

5 Soulful Seeds to Sow into Yourself This Year

Friendship Treat yourself the way you would expect your best girlfriend to treat you. Learn to love, comfort, and inspire yourself. Enjoy your humor and your uniqueness. Spend time alone learning to quiet your life and enjoy your own company. It’s easy to put the demand on other people to be what we need but … Continue reading 5 Soulful Seeds to Sow into Yourself This Year

5 Things to Keep Near Your Lipstick

We need simple reminders when life gets busy and noisy, to keep the Faith. We need little nudges to encourage us to spend a little time with God on today. We need things that remind us that someone above is working on our behalf and that we are girls with goals, dreams and a promise. … Continue reading 5 Things to Keep Near Your Lipstick

God with Me (A Poem)

I carried God with me Let Him Linger in the cusp of my shin bone Watched light flow through me like rivers He came and He stayed We walked through dark places Walked pass strange faces He stayed with me right in the cusp behind my earlobe I Heard His quiet directions leading me through … Continue reading God with Me (A Poem)

Get To A Stopping Point

Do you remember being in school taking a test and having a teacher yelling for you to get to a stopping point. That meant to prepare to wrap it up. Go back and check your answers. Complete what you can, if you’re not done yet. Get to a stopping point the test is almost over. … Continue reading Get To A Stopping Point

Finding Balance in Motherhood and Saying Bye to Stress

When I had my first kid, people would always ask me if I wanted to have more children. Lovestruck by being a first-time mom, I would always reply with a yes. “Yes, I want more. I love being a mom.” At that time, nothing was more fulfilling than seeing a mini version of myself looking … Continue reading Finding Balance in Motherhood and Saying Bye to Stress

Building Open Communication & Forming Better Relationships with your Kids

I often think back to the times when I was growing up. The times that brought me great warmth and laughter provide a pillow of memories for me as an adult. Sometimes I wish that I could be back in my grandma’s backyard eating the sweet nectar of honeysuckle flowers. Porch play with friends was … Continue reading Building Open Communication & Forming Better Relationships with your Kids

No More Mediocrity (A Prayer)

Dear God, I ask you to upgrade every area of my life where I have accepted mediocrity. Any area that I have not challenged myself to grow in I ask you to bring new life to it. Any areas where I have allowed myself to sit stagnant, I ask you to breathe a new wind … Continue reading No More Mediocrity (A Prayer)

Letting Go (A Prayer)

God, give me the ability to leave old things behind and walk into the newness that You have created just for me. This is a new season and I surrender my old self to You. Create in me a clean heart. Enable me to move forward in a new love, new joy and fresh mindset … Continue reading Letting Go (A Prayer)

What Are You Carrying?

The single most distinctive thing that separates women from men is our capacity to carry life. It’s what makes us women. We were born to do this thing. That’s a very special kind of ability that is like no other. We see our bellies grow inch by inch to the point where we are unable … Continue reading What Are You Carrying?

The Push

I have these days when sometimes I wake up with the peace of God surrounding me, like I’m drenched in it.  I love those days. The birds are chirping my favorite song. The kids get out of bed without me having to drag them. The husband is extra sweet with an extra spoonful of honey. … Continue reading The Push

An Open Letter to Insecure Women

Do not take it lightly being a woman. This alone makes us royal. We are mothers even if we don’t have children because we birth goodness into the Earth. We balance the atmosphere. We strengthen the environment giving men a place to come and be healed and be set free from the combines of their … Continue reading An Open Letter to Insecure Women

A Well Watered Purpose

So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you. -Deuteronomy 31:6   There is a beautiful transformation that takes place in the soul when we just keep going. Pushing through what looks … Continue reading A Well Watered Purpose

That Space (A Poem)

You’d better find your space Your space to be liberal and free Your space to bring all of you and all of God and all of your uniqueness And make your uniqueness slave to no one’s conformity Because God has made you free You’d better find your space The freedom there in that space is … Continue reading That Space (A Poem)

Love Yourself in the Middle (A Poem)

You’ve had it rough but you made it Not yet where you want to be but far enough from where you used to be to stop and marvel your progress You’re in the process girl you made it May not feel like golden fairy dust and yellow scented rose petals but you made it Sweating … Continue reading Love Yourself in the Middle (A Poem)

Home (A Poem)

Could it be where familiar faces greet me at the door and smells of commonly eaten foods fill the space, leaving no room for the aroma of life outside that door. Could it be in the streets I roamed so frequently that I notice when neighbors are unfamiliar and potholes were finally filled and when … Continue reading Home (A Poem)

In the Daylight of Broken Dreams (A Poem)

I can see heaven in the daylight of broken dreams Seamless connections connecting us one to the other A hopeful humanity Hopeful that humanity will see my resemblance and make room for me Let the ceiling up for me to grow tall Open the door wide enough for me to get my toe outside the … Continue reading In the Daylight of Broken Dreams (A Poem)

A Promise Deferred… (A Poem)

The days had rolled over time and time again And again she lay in her poison Lay in her hurt Drenched in her own purposelessness Knowing less of herself than she knew the day before Dark heavy curtains boycotting the sunshine Her joy doing a stand-in Won’t let herself into this moment Locked the door … Continue reading A Promise Deferred… (A Poem)

Your Gift Will Make Room For You

I had a moment last week. I was talking to someone that I realized God had given me favor with. This lady was in leadership and had a reputation for not being that much of a people person if you get my drift. I thanked God for giving me favor. Then I heard Him say … Continue reading Your Gift Will Make Room For You

Signs That You Are Walking in God’s Favor

Favor is one of those things that I pray for continually. Its when things line up for your good simply because of God’s love for you. It’s that extra divine help that we need to meet us at our weak areas and make up the space where we lack the capability to make it happen … Continue reading Signs That You Are Walking in God’s Favor

5 Simplistically Lovely Ways to Connect with God Everyday

In our busy worlds of daily tragic news and balancing all of the duties that come with womanhood, we grown girls need some downtime everyday to connect with God. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. Try one or all of these and see if it helps to bring balance into your day. Invest in a … Continue reading 5 Simplistically Lovely Ways to Connect with God Everyday

The Power of Affirmation for School Age Girls

af·firm·a·tion /ˌafərˈmāSH(ə)n/ noun  The act of affirming or the state of being affirmed; assertion.  Something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.  A statement intended to provide encouragement, emotional support, or motivation.  Law; The assertion that the testimony one gives is true and equivalent to that which  would be given while under oath. … Continue reading The Power of Affirmation for School Age Girls