That Space (A Poem)

You’d better find your space Your space to be liberal and free Your space to bring all of you and all of God and all of your uniqueness And make your uniqueness slave to no one’s conformity Because God has made you free You’d better find your space The freedom there in that space is … Continue reading That Space (A Poem)

Love Yourself in the Middle (A Poem)

You’ve had it rough but you made it Not yet where you want to be but far enough from where you used to be to stop and marvel your progress You’re in the process girl you made it May not feel like golden fairy dust and yellow scented rose petals but you made it Sweating … Continue reading Love Yourself in the Middle (A Poem)

Home (A Poem)

Could it be where familiar faces greet me at the door and smells of commonly eaten foods fill the space, leaving no room for the aroma of life outside that door. Could it be in the streets I roamed so frequently that I notice when neighbors are unfamiliar and potholes were finally filled and when … Continue reading Home (A Poem)

In the Daylight of Broken Dreams (A Poem)

I can see heaven in the daylight of broken dreams Seamless connections connecting us one to the other A hopeful humanity Hopeful that humanity will see my resemblance and make room for me Let the ceiling up for me to grow tall Open the door wide enough for me to get my toe outside the … Continue reading In the Daylight of Broken Dreams (A Poem)

She’ll Find A Way (A Poem)

She finds a way She’ll find a way always To push into purpose with weak limbs and tired fingers She finds a way She’ll find a way always To see life like light through tears that threaten her vision She’ll see anyway See herself on the other side of it “On the other side of … Continue reading She’ll Find A Way (A Poem)

A Promise Deferred… (A Poem)

The days had rolled over time and time again And again she lay in her poison Lay in her hurt Drenched in her own purposelessness Knowing less of herself than she knew the day before Dark heavy curtains boycotting the sunshine Her joy doing a stand-in Won’t let herself into this moment Locked the door … Continue reading A Promise Deferred… (A Poem)

Woman of God?

I know they told you that you aren’t a woman of God. But believe me you are. God has claimed you as His own. He has prepared a place for you to grow and thrive and walk into the fullness of yourself. You only need to recognize this. It doesn’t matter the valleys that you … Continue reading Woman of God?