Releasing Fear (A Prayer)

I release myself from fear right now. God, you have not given me the spirit of fear. You have given me a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. I can assertively renounce any inkling of fear off of my life because I know that it has not come from you. Reveal to me every area of my life where I have been operating in fear and help me to create new patterns of operating in boldness and confidence that allow me to walk in the fullness of my potential. I will not shrink back into timidity and reservation because I know that you called me to be strong and courageous.

Joshua 1:9 tells me not to be discouraged because you are with me wherever I go. You are with me God even now as I am speaking and I ask you to create new thought patterns in my thinking that will cause my purpose to come forth out of the shadows and into the light. Plant seeds of courage, confidence and enthusiasm  within me that will bring forth good fruit in my life. I will not fear the vision of victory that you have given me but I embrace the unknowns of my destiny trusting fully that you have secured a place in this life that has been handcrafted uniquely just for me.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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