About Charday Cherie’

Charday Cherie’ Wilson, is a Faith based and Inspirational writer from Memphis, TN. She is a wife of 8 years and a mother of 3 rambunctious and intelligent children. At the early age of 12 years old she began writing poetry. Along the way that poetry grew into short stories, essays and plays which has landed her on many stages as a poet, speaker and even as a dancer. When she was a teenager learning about God and her faith she struggled with prayer. She felt like she didn’t know how to do it and she was afraid too. As result she would lock herself in her bedroom, cut on some worship music and dance as an expression to God. From there the liturgical worship dancer in her was birthed. Since then she has graced many congregations and conferences with her beautiful and graceful style of worship dance.

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Charday is currently the founder and writer at her personal blog, EvenAsHerSoulProspers.com. This blog which focuses on empowering and uplifting women through Faith based and inspirational articles was inspired by her favorite scripture:

3 John 1:2

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way, even as your soul prospers.”


Along with writing on her blog she recently published her first book:

She Provokes Purpose



Through prayer, poetry, affirmations, scripture and journal prompts this book is a heartfelt resource empowering women to create an atmosphere that provokes purpose by speaking God’s word.


Charday has a passion for showing the heart of God through the Creative Arts, Authentic ministry, and the gifts that God has given her. Her mission is to empower everyday women to seek God’s authentic purpose for their lives, restore hearts back to God and to help women create space in their life for God to be maximized.