Hi beautiful! I’m Charday Cherie’ and I write faith-based, inspirational and creative content for women of color. Welcome to my little coffee nook where you’ll find soulful, poetic, colorful writings inspired by my life as a mom, wife, brown girl, writer and believer.

 I have been married to my soulmate for 9 years and I am the mother of 3 giggling, intelligent, rambunctious and loving kiddos. I hail from Memphis, TN, the city of blues, jazz and soul; set upon the Mississippi River bank. I have a heart for the arts, a passion for prayer and the burden of wanting to see women restored to God and living in purpose.

Let this blog be a soft space to quiet your soul and command your peace. Through my love for writing I provide tools for everyday living for women who are just dope enough to seek Jesus and their dreams. My writing takes on the mission of revealing the heart of God to women and creating content that is applicable for everyday living because everyday is the day to walk in the fullness of God and embrace your magic.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll kick up your feet, stay for a while and have a cup of Joe with me.