Love Yourself in the Middle (A Poem)

You’ve had it rough but you made it

Not yet where you want to be but far enough from where you

used to be to stop and marvel your progress

You’re in the process girl you made it

May not feel like golden fairy dust and yellow scented rose petals

but you made it

Sweating blood and pushing a purpose that weighs a ton

You made it

You made it to see yourself now

Now see yourself now

In this moment

In all of your glory

Carrying all of His Glory

God is resting on you

Resting on you with His beautiful heaviness

The weight of His love encamped around you

You have no need of worry

All of heaven is backing you up right now

All of God is loving and lifting you right now

Right now in the middle

In the middle of confidence and doubt

In the middle of your past and your destiny

In the middle of right now and forever

In the middle where you can look behind you and see progress

and look ahead of you and see more steps

You got to love yourself right there in the middle

Because your middle has a purpose

And that purpose is pulling you into a new day

And inside that day is a new love and a new joy and a new way

Love yourself in the middle


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