No More Mediocrity (A Prayer)

Dear God,

I ask you to upgrade every area of my life where I have accepted mediocrity. Any area that I have not challenged myself to grow in I ask you to bring new life to it. Any areas where I have allowed myself to sit stagnant, I ask you to breathe a new wind on it. Different seasons in my life require a different me. Help me to be the me I need to be in this season in order for me to push open the doors of my Purpose. I commit to upgrading the way I think, the way I speak and the way I see. I ask you to upgrade my relationships and help me to make purposeful connections. I ask you to upgrade the way I see myself and help me to walk in boldness, authenticity and courage. I ask you to upgrade the way I talk to myself and help me to be my own favorite cheerleader. I ask you to upgrade my skill sets and help me to move forward in business and ministry with zeal, excellence and integrity.

Let me lay not in the mundane but push me to new heights and levels of growth in my business, personal life and home life. I ask you to upgrade and touch every area of my life so much so that mediocrity has no place to lay its head. I resist doing things the same old way only to get the same old results. My life is shifting right now even as I am speaking into a place of fullness where boredom has no place. My life is becoming full right now with joy, liberty, freedom, happiness, new experiences, fresh revelations and keen insight. I decree that you are placing a new glory over my life that fills me up and runs through my life like a river of new oil. I decree that your glory is so heavy on my life that people can’t help but see your awesomeness when they come in contact with me. I decree that my whole life is in upgrade season right now. My finances, my home, my business, my motherhood, my relationships, my prayer life, my worship life, my soul, my heart. All things are being restored to represent your goodness and your favor in my life.
In Jesus name, Amen.

(An Excerpt from She Provokes Purpose)


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