She’ll Find A Way (A Poem)

She finds a way

She’ll find a way always

To push into purpose with weak limbs and tired fingers

She finds a way

She’ll find a way always

To see life like light through tears that threaten her vision

She’ll see anyway

See herself on the other side of it

“On the other side of this is my whole place”, she says…

“On the other said of this is my full self”, she says…

And she’ll say it always

Completing her faith with hearing

Her ears to the heavens

Her heart seeks God-like moments within herself

She reaches within herself and pulls God out

Had Him tucked real tight in the little corner of her heart that keeps on beating

She knows where to pull from when wars start raging against her destiny.

Destiny is hers regardless of setbacks,

Regardless of abuse,

Regardless of having to start all over,

Regardless of words hurled at her like bulldozers,

Regardless of the pain that’s tried to make itself at home with her,

Regardless of a heart that wants to give in but can’t because there is a small corner in there that won’t stop beating

She finds a way

She’ll always find a way

The way is hers to make

And she’ll make it alright

She’ll make her way through the jungle of voices that aren’t hers and aren’t God’s

Pushing beyond disillusions, false identities and who so and so from the neighborhood said she was…

And maybe she was…at one point

But it doesn’t matter at this point

Because at this point all of heaven is backing her up

At this point, all of God is flowing through her like rivers of living water

And she lives beyond now

She lives beyond the borders of stagnancy and mediocrity in the place where her past has no power

She lives now

She lives beyond now…beyond the cries of purposelessness

She is awake now

Right now in this present moment hand dipped in God’s grace in a place of continual renewal

Renewed to do

Renewed to do life without limitations, outside of self -manufactured borders, beyond the guilt and shame of her older self that she left back there in that jungle

She’s got glory dripping from her bones and God in the crease of her smile and a fresh wind from the wings of angels blowing through her hair

She found a way

She’ll always find a way

The way was hers and God’s to make


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