God With Me (A Poem)

I carried God with me

Let Him Linger in the cusp of my shin bone

Watched light flow through me like rivers

He came and He stayed

We walked through dark places

Walked pass strange faces

He stayed with me right in the cusp behind my earlobe

I Heard His quiet directions leading me through those dark spaces

I Watched His light wrap around my  footsteps

Carried His voice in my emergency bag

He took my  bags and placed them on His shoulders

I  watched those bags fade into nothingness

Watched Him give me roses instead

Night fell in the day so He gave me sunlight to carry

I watched light push darkness away

Went away into a little place where only His voice existed

That’s the Fullest place that I’ve ever been

I carried God out with me

I was able to become what I’ve never been

Almost like God

I guess I could call it God-Like

Began to allow that likeness to guide me

Saw me less and less

Became more instead

I carried God with me

Let those endings be endings

And Let God linger in the cusp of my beginning


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