Waiting for Another Word

Getting what God has for us is a lifelong process. Keyword being process. We don’t get everything all at once or get better all at once or become some magical all-knowing being. We learn along the way, pick up some things along the way and drop some things along the way. Process. But how do we know when we’ve gotten stuck were God wants us to keep moving? Some ladies get stuck because they don’t feel like their ready to graduate to the next place in God, but He’s not looking for perfection. He wants you to get to work now, knowing that you will learn what needs to be learned along the way. You are out of orientation. Ask questions if you must. Read off of the notes you’ve taken if you must. But if you want to keep the job you have to let your trainer go back to their other responsibilities and step up and run your own shift with the tools and knowledge that he has given you.

Starting a new job, you are not expected to know everything right now. Usually this will be a grace period for you where you aren’t expected to have all the answers but you are expected to show up, keep learning independently, and grow while you’re going.

This is what God is saying to so many of us who are waiting until we feel perfected before we step out and do what we were called to do.

Your orientation and training period is over. I’ve been installing in you everything that you need for your journey since the day you were born. Go forth with what I have given you. You will learn what you need to learn along the way.”

Hearing this in my spirit was such a revelation for me. It helped me to stop procrastinating, and to stop being too hard on myself for not knowing everything and not being perfect.

I could hear God saying, “Don’t worry I got you. If you slip just balance yourself and keep going. It’s all a part of the process. Don’t quit. Keep going.”

If you have been waiting on ANOTHER word from God, miracle, laying on of hands, or signs and wonders from heaven before you step out into your calling and God has been quiet, this could be why. You are out of orientation Boo! It is time to get to work! Your trainer has passed you the responsibility and tools to be successful. Now it’s all on you. He is available if you need Him but He can’t hold your hand all day. He chose you because He knows you are the right person for the position.

I pray that God grants you the confidence to move forward. That is simply all you need. Be confident in He who is confident in you. You are ready Honey.


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