Girl, You’re Worth It

You haven’t done it yet because you don’t think you’re worth it. How many of us have dreams that we constantly push back and put on the back burner because of our to do list? Days, weeks and even years go by before we decide to finally write the first page of that book, record the first song for that album, take the real estate course, raise the dollars for that foundation. Time keeps passing and sometimes we never get to it at all. Some call it procrastination. Some call it fear. Some say that they simply don’t have the time. I have come to find that all of this is wrapped up in the issue of Self-Worth. We simply don’t believe that we’re worth it.

Now you may say, “girl I love myself. This ain’t that! I know I’m the dopest queen around!” Well maybe some of you would probably say that or something similar maybe. However, if you are making excuses as to why you shouldn’t be building your best life Right Now, then it’s because you haven’t made yourself a priority. Listen. I would take care of my kids, make sure my husband had what he needed, be a 100% team player at my job, make time to support my friends and family but then make excuses as to why I couldn’t sit down and schedule time for me to support my own dream. I remember laying across my bed on an off-day THINKING about how bad I needed to write. I kept saying to myself, “mane(side note: Mane is a commonly used term in the city of Memphis where I’m from) I really need to get this book done, its been months since God gave me the vision for it! I even said, “well if it was God’s plan for me to have it right now then he would have given me the time to do it.” Blank stare….

I laid there across that bed thinking about washing clothes, going to the grocery store, stopping by my moms, being a better parent, being a top tier wife and then it just dawned on me. I’m making excuses. I’m trying to make sure I’m 1000% in every area of my life and I’m not giving myself permission to dream. Just because everything is not done perfectly doesn’t mean I need to sacrifice myself. Do the laundry later. Fix the kids sandwiches and chips they don’t need gourmet lunch. Make your husband either buy dinner or fix it himself. Don’t visit anyone or do anything until you’ve made the proper investment of time into yourself. Period. We can’t give out of empty cups. Go into the kitchen right now and try to pour water from a glass that hasn’t been filled. Its not going to happen.

Carving out time to follow your dreams and fulfill your purpose is an essential part of self-care and self-worth is not just a word. It’s action. How do you actively show yourself that you’re worth it? In all of your imperfection and beautiful flaws your worth is still far above rubies. God sure thinks so. So, the next time you make an excuse and put your happiness on the back burner remember to tell yourself that your worth is immeasurable. Then prove it to yourself with love infused action and go be good to you.


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