5 Things to Keep Near Your Lipstick

I have complied a short and sweet list of things to keep near your lipstick or in other words to keep at hands bay. Simple reminders when life gets busy and noisy, to keep the Faith, reminders to spend a little time with God today, reminders that someone above is working on your behalf and reminders that you are a girl with goals, dreams and a promise.


  • Devotional

You will often here me cheering for a good devotional. I simply love them. Short daily scripture based reads that keep your spirit full and make it easy to read God’s word and apply it to your daily life.

  • Prayer Journal

My prayer journal is filled with questions that I have for God, thank you notes, ideas that I get from Him, notes from church, praises, concerns and of course prayers. I keep it with me so if he puts anything on my heart I can write it down in a scared place and always be able to come back to it.

  • For the Soul Playlist

I have a, For the Soul playlist, on YouTube. All of my fav worship songs in one place.  I push play and let the music saturate my atmosphere, push out the negativity, grab my favorite tea or coffee and chill. Worship Music and Chill.

  • A Favorite Scripture

My favorite scripture varies depending on what season I’m in at the time, but whatever it happens to be, I like to keep it where I can see it. Usually on a sticky note.

  • Vision Letter

This one I am currently working on. I’m writing a letter to myself about where I want to be within the next 2 years. Two years seems kind of short huh? Well, planning to far into the future was wrecking my momentum when so many things in my life needed to be changed right now. So I’m working with who I am and what I have now. I figured in ten years I’ll probably be a different woman who wants different things.


So ladies let me know if you have any ideas to add to this list or if you are currently doing any of these? Let’s talk daily motivation.

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