God with Me (A Poem)

I carried God with me Let Him Linger in the cusp of my shin bone Watched light flow through me like rivers He came and He stayed We walked through dark places Walked pass strange faces He stayed with me right in the cusp behind my earlobe I Heard His quiet directions leading me through … Continue reading God with Me (A Poem)

Get To A Stopping Point

Do you remember being in school taking a test and having a teacher yelling for you to get to a stopping point. That meant to prepare to wrap it up. Go back and check your answers. Complete what you can, if you’re not done yet. Get to a stopping point the test is almost over. … Continue reading Get To A Stopping Point

The Power of Affirmation for School Age Girls

af·firm·a·tion /ˌafərˈmāSH(ə)n/ noun  The act of affirming or the state of being affirmed; assertion.  Something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.  A statement intended to provide encouragement, emotional support, or motivation.  Law; The assertion that the testimony one gives is true and equivalent to that which  would be given while under oath. … Continue reading The Power of Affirmation for School Age Girls

Finding Balance in Motherhood and Saying Bye to Stress

When I had my first kid, people would always ask me if I wanted to have more children. Lovestruck by being a first-time mom, I would always reply with a yes. “Yes, I want more. I love being a mom.” At that time, nothing was more fulfilling than seeing a mini version of myself looking … Continue reading Finding Balance in Motherhood and Saying Bye to Stress

Building Open Communication & Forming Better Relationships with your Kids

I often think back to the times when I was growing up. The times that brought me great warmth and laughter provide a pillow of memories for me as an adult. Sometimes I wish that I could be back in my grandma’s backyard eating the sweet nectar of honeysuckle flowers. Porch play with friends was … Continue reading Building Open Communication & Forming Better Relationships with your Kids

No More Mediocrity (A Prayer)

Dear God, I ask you to upgrade every area of my life where I have accepted mediocrity. Any area that I have not challenged myself to grow in I ask you to bring new life to it. Any areas where I have allowed myself to sit stagnant, I ask you to breathe a new wind … Continue reading No More Mediocrity (A Prayer)

Pushing Belief (A Prayer)

God, You created me for a purpose. Indeed, the very hairs on my head, You have numbered. Before I was formed in my mother’s womb, you knew me. You made provisions for me. You set me apart. You knew that You would use me for a time such as this. Today God I’m pushing my … Continue reading Pushing Belief (A Prayer)

Letting Go (A Prayer)

God, give me the ability to leave old things behind and walk into the newness that You have created just for me. This is a new season and I surrender my old self to You. Create in me a clean heart. Enable me to move forward in a new love, new joy and fresh mindset … Continue reading Letting Go (A Prayer)


I release myself from fear right now. God, you have not given me the spirit of fear. You have given me a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. I can assertively renounce any inkling of fear off of my life because I know that it has not come from you. Reveal to me … Continue reading RELEASING FEAR (A PRAYER)

Girl, You’re Worth It

You haven’t done it yet because you don’t think you're worth it. How many of us have dreams that we constantly push back and put on the back burner because of our to do list? Days, weeks and even years go by before we decide to finally write the first page of that book, record … Continue reading Girl, You’re Worth It