Constant Change

The only thing constant in the world is change. That’s why I take life as it comes.

-India Arie

Maybe life is about being able to adapt to change. Everything in life moves, shakes and transitions. Relationships, environments, locations, perspective, faith and knowing; it all changes at one point or another. Sometimes all at the same time. We find ourselves shaken to the core by things that we thought would always be the same, leaving us in a barren dessert looking for something familiar. I have stood in the mirror looking for the person I used to be, but she was gone and still there at the same time. This breaks us down to only two choices. Will we perish in the wilderness or rebuild on new ground with our fresh and new understanding? Kids change us, marriage and even dating changes us. Betrayal changes us. Heartache and loses change us. Covid 19 has given us a rude awakening of how much control we really have in life. We will probably spend our whole lives shifting and adjusting. Growing is what it is and along with that growth comes those ugly stretch marks; the visible and the hidden marks that show where we had to grow and be stretched beyond comfort and familiarity. Those scars stay with us reminding us of where we were then. We must accept them, appreciate them, see the beauty in their healing and understand the stories of our wounds. We must love ourselves back to life and find our own personal cocoa butters and mend our beautifully broken areas. We must find our inward stability that stays when everything else is moving. Thank God that He is a constant handrail to pull ourselves back up when we fall. Thank God that He is a constant voice that beckons to our quiet spaces calling us forward again. Thank God that He is a constant light that flickers in the distance to guide us the right way. Thank God for being constant in spite of constant change.

#SoulNote #justathought


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