Hold My Hand (A Poem for Moms)

Dug down in the dirt of my soul to find diamonds to give you

Dug so hard my fingernails bled

Dug so hard that sweat dripped from my forehead like thunderstorms

All I want to do is shield you from the storms

Pray that you cross every bridge that I was afraid of

No matter how it shakes or sways or creaks

I pray that you cross your bridges and leave your common land for a new land

A new land that calls you meaningful

A new land that calls you creative

A new land that calls you beautiful

Pray that the land around your heart be a ground of healing

Hope that fountains of wellness burst within you constantly replenishing you

Never want you to see the dry days that nearly overtook me

Nearly caused my soul to dehydrate, reaching for empty cups that could in no wise water me

Me see you as grand as the sea

See your diamonds glisten like ocean days

Know that you can water the earth with your soul

You’re a beautiful soul with the majesty of kingdoms in your hands

I just want to hold your hand forever

Never let your head hang low

God painted a picture for you in the sky

I always want your eyes to look that way

Look up that way

High above the dirt that I dug in to find you diamonds

I Pray that you find your diamonds in the sky

In the riches of looking to God for the answers

You will always have questions and He’ll always have answers

Life will always answer though the answer may sometimes be silent keep expecting

Keep expecting to hear with your spirit and speak with your living

You got lots of living to do

And I pray that you do it well

I pray that God will scatter wells in your desert places

I pray that you’ll find your road in the wilderness

and I pray that you won’t stay there long

I must let go of your hand

I just want to hold your hand forever

But now you must carry the diamonds that I bled to give you

And you will carry them well And they will light your way

And you won’t have to dig in the dirt to find more

You’ll find your more in the sky 


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