30 Soul Nuggets on Womanhood, Faith & Becoming Free

I want to share with you 30 things that I have learned along this journey of womanhood, motherhood, marriage, faith and becoming free. These are short and sweet soulful nuggets that I picked up along the way. This could have easily been a list of one hundred with all of the ups and downs that I have experienced but I’ll leave it be. I hope that you can take away something from this list that will either inspire you, free you, connect with you,  or give you a little encouragement on your own journey…

  1. Some flaws are meant to be embraced and not fixed.
  2. God uses seasons of loneliness to develop and establish you.
  3. You can’t give out of emptiness.
  4. Anxiety and depression are attacks on your life. Fight back.
  5. Do what you love. You can’t truly live authentically if you are suppressing opportunities to be free.
  6. Whenever you give, no matter the compacity, life will give back to you.
  7. Sometimes relationships end and sometimes they just shift. Either way its ok.
  8. Marriage doesn’t complete you. It strips you and forces you to look at yourself truthfully.
  9. Love is always the answer.
  10. Peace is always the direction.
  11. Faith is not a feeling. It’s a decision.
  12. You are not as great as you think you are.
  13. You are not as bad as you think you are.
  14. Real power is learning when to let go, when to be quiet and choosing peace in spite of conflict.
  15. Your family is your ministry.
  16. God is not mad at you.
  17. Don’t try to make up for the past. Start with the present where you are.
  18. Motherhood is the teacher and you are the student.
  19. Listen.
  20. Speak up
  21. Cut your hair.
  22. Go out without make-up.
  23. Say I love you. Often.
  24. Prayer is a gift. Give it often. Give it freely.
  25. Don’t do anything from a place of desperation, except for seek God.
  26. If you needed it. God would have given it to you. Keep going.
  27. Courage is a requirement.
  28. All of heaven is backing you up.
  29. Forgive. Always.
  30. Always forgive.

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