A Simple Bedtime Prayer: Mama Approved

My house is usually pretty busy. I have to make time to do things that I enjoy. I never would have thought that finding a moment to read a book (and I’m not even talking about completing the book) would be so hard to do. After working on my business, housework, homework with the kids, more housework, and being intentional about letting my husband know that I see him, dinner, baths and the bedtime shenanigans with the kids I just want to pass out across the bed (with my clothes still on). I would like to say that I’m raising divinely Christian kids but making time to instill Faith into them on top of all the other things that they need can feel overwhelming. But it’s my responsibility. God has given me these sweet little souls to govern and I’m convinced that He has given me the tools to do the work.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

-Proverbs 22.6

There is that scripture that echos in my head when I’m making choices for them that will not only affect their day to day but their souls. So, I try to find simple ways besides church to put God in. This leads me to our simple bedtime prayer (that they really enjoy by the way). It’s fast and to the point and allows them to if not anything else; acknowledge God before they go to sleep.

Thank you Jesus for loving me.

Thank you Jesus for protecting me.

Thank you Jesus for my good good family.

We love you.


That’s it! I hit the lights and then I’m off to maybe find the strength for a shower and pajamas (Maybe). I believe that simplicity is better for children. Especially now that kindergarten has been made into a prep for college doctorate education. Long sigh… I have to use google to help them with homework and try to look smart while I’m doing it. But anyway. They may not be to interested in long talks about Jesus and they shouldn’t be. That would be weird. Throw a coloring book at them! But they should however have an atmosphere around them that allows God to penetrate their little spirits. I pray over them, ask God for daily direction and trust God to do the big stuff.

…but the offspring of the righteous will be delivered.

-Proverbs 11:21

God has already delivered them past, present and future. Do your thing Mama! You have all of heaven backing you up.

-Charday Cherie' (1)

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