Good Read Alert// Identity by T.D. Jakes


I found this little book while I was grocery shopping at Kroger. I always get lost in the Cards, Books and Magazine section for at least a good 20 minutes. Speaking of that I have to remember to put that Ice Cream in the basket last, after I finish reading almost a whole book for free. Don’t judge me. But I came across this book and it was such a good read. It’s a small book so you can read it in a couple of days if you have the free time. I couldn’t put it down. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Identity by T.D. Jakes.


“If you neglect your design and refuse to celebrate how you were made, you will never step into who you were made to be.”

“Destiny-defining moments are like magnets to people who use their everyday moments well.”

“Keep in mind that your purpose has an adversary.”

“The more you step into your purpose the more greatly you will radiate God’s nature.”

“You need to exercise discernment and evaluate whether or not the ground is worthy of your seed.”

“One divine moment orchestrated by the Master can shift things that have taken you a lifetime to change.”

“God is not the author of prolonged purpose; you are.”


Ok people, I can write a thousand more quotes from this book because it was rich with good stuff. Let me know how you liked it! Happy reading!!

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