Admit that something is off balance.

Us women. We are such givers. We give our whole selves to the aid of the people we care about. We nurse and kiss their boo boos. Help them to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Coach their spirit back to life. All the while ignoring that we smile less than we used too, or we don’t paint or write poetry in the mornings. We don’t put on the make-up or go out with the friend. Admit that something is wrong. Then you’ll be on the way too clarity and you can fix it.

Be OK with the changes taking place in your soul.

When you have associated your identity to something, it’s hard when that something no longer holds the same value to you as it did before. We start to think that we are disengaged with life or lazy or ungrateful. But the truth is that you’re simply growing into a new direction. It’s time to learn who you are becoming. Learn to love her whole-heartedly and leave who you thought you were behind. We don’t truly know who we are when we get here. Life teaches us along the way. And sometimes different seasons in your life require a different you.

Face the fear and do it anyway.

Ooh the anxiety of being out of your comfort zone. Once you’ve been pushed out there or once you’ve jumped out there depending on your situation, the next knee jerk reaction is to run and hide. There’s a big loud voice in your head telling you to run back and hide little girl, you are in way over your head, but you have to keep going. During these times you should start or increase your prayer and devotional time. You need to be able to quiet all of the negative voices in your ear. They are there to stop you from getting through to the other side of this. On the other side you’ll see that the process was hard but necessary and that you had everything you needed within you to overcome. We have to Grow through.

Say no.

During intense times of stress, anxiety, or depression. You may need time alone to take care of yourself. Especially if your working full-time or are having some full-time family issues. You really would like to be there for your girlfriend’s 5-year anniversary dinner but you need more mental and social downtown than usual to recharge your energy and rebuild your sense of self. It’s ok if you don’t make it this time. Real friends love you through your pain. They don’t ask you to bleed at their expense. They cover you.

Take a walk Honey.

Seems simple huh? Yeah take a walk. There is a beautiful park that I have been going to at least a couple of times a week. The scenery is oh my gosh heaven sent. I’m talking about plush grass, trails, a lake, ducks, geese, the works. So this is where I go and I’m reminded of Gods natural goodness. You can’t help but to get close to the thoughts and heart of God in a place so beautiful and undefiled by today’s modern chaos. I walk, I unwind, I feel good because I’ve gotten some exercise in. When I’m done I sit in front of the lake and take it all in. I go home peaceful.


These are not clinical ways for dealing with depression or anxiety. I’m no doctor. But these are minor lifestyle and thought changes that have gotten me through to the other side of dark moments that seemed like they would never end. I’m praying for you and your peace of mind. If you are having severe depths of depression that produce thoughts of suicide, please call a suicide prevention hotline

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

 or talk with someone you trust. Even seek professional help if possible and go get your healing. Some local churches even offer free counseling. Get someone to stand in the gap and pray for and with you. God has placed something so unique and special within you and He needs you here. We need you here to help make this crazy place better.


Charday Cherie’.

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