Speak Mama: 15 Positive Confessions to Speak Over Your Children

We should always be speaking positively over our lives. Especially if we are mothers. Even if things look bad and you are feeling  like giving up, speak uplifting words even more so. When we speak these types of words it gives the angels authority to work on our behalf. They grab our words and minister them back into our life. Below are 15 confessions especially for mothers to speak over your Love Bugs. Bless your children’s lives with these faith-filled words.


  • My children are blessed and well-favored by God.


  • My children are protected against all forms of accident, tragedy and danger. No weapon formed against them will prosper.


  • Angels are ministering protection, and total life prosperity into the lives of my children at all times.


  • My children hear the voice of God and not the voice of the enemy.


  • The presence of God is so heavy in my children’s lives that nothing ungodly can come near them.


  • My children make good decisions and follow the will of God for their life.


  • My children have a heart and passion for God even at an early age.


  • God has a purpose for my children’s lives and their purpose will be fulfilled in the earth.


  • My children learn well and excel in school.


  • My children are confident and secure within themselves. They have a good relationship with themselves. They are free from insecurity, shame, rejection and peer pressure.


  • My children are emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically whole. They are blessed in every area of their life.


  • My children have the peace of God over their life.


  • My children are abundant in joy and love and they are skillful and wise.


  • I am a good mother. I am good for my children. I am a good steward over what God has given me.


  • My home is blessed. My household is blessed. The goodness of God is ever-present in the life of my family.

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