5 Soulful Seeds to Sow Into Yourself This Year


Treat yourself the way you would expect your best girl pal to treat you. Learn to love, comfort, and inspire yourself. Enjoy your humor and your uniqueness; and spend time alone learning to quiet your life and enjoy your own company. It’s easy to put the demand on other people to be what we need but the truth is they don’t have to be. When we become whole and sufficient enough to be our own heroes, friends, and cheerleaders we walk into a peace that cannot tainted by the behaviors of other people. Create your own safe haven and then invite people into your wholeness. Be a good friend to you.


Release yourself from the heaviness of guilt. Know that you’re not supposed to emotionally relive those bad moments over and over again. Make a decision to release yourself. Your future self needs her independence from the past so that she can blossom into who God created her to be. You don’t need anyone’s permission to move forward. Other people don’t hold that kind of power over you, so don’t give it to them. It is God’s will for you to be free and walk out your awesomeness. He has forgiven you. You should too.


Sometimes we believe harder for other people than we do for ourselves. We support them and thank God for what He’s doing in their lives. We pat their backs and sow seeds of encouragement and tell them not to give up. We can see the goodness in them so well but can’t seem to muster up that kind of faith for our self.   Lets be intentional about  believing in our own endeavors. Sow seeds of Faith into your own ability to create a beautiful life. What you see God doing for other people, He can do that and much more for you. Believe that big things are possible for you too. Just like you are. Right where you are.


Take the time to enjoy the moment. Take the time to savor the things you enjoy. Whether its a cup of your favorite flavored coffee, reading a good book, having an uninterrupted conversation with your husband or tiny tot, taking a walk along side some beautiful scenery, whipping up your go to comfort food, or just listening to a song that you love; indulge in that moment. No phone, no social media, no busy brain, no distractions. Savor those moments.


Cultivate your prayer life by honoring it as an intimate time with the One who created you and Who cares about every peak and valley of your life. You don’t have to be locked in a room with light bouncing off the walls. You can talk to God in the car on the way to work, while your’re washing dishing, while your’re folding laundry or you can set some private time aside to lock yourself in a room and see the glory light bounce off the walls. Either way you prefer to do it, it’s always good for your soul. God answers prayer. He causes life to be maneuvered in such a way that we get the confirmations and aha moments that we need and He shows us that He is listening.

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