What Are You Carrying?

The single most distinctive thing that separates women from men is our capacity to carry life. It’s what makes us women. We were born to do this thing. That’s a very special kind of ability that is like no other. Being able to see our bellies grow inch by inch to the point where we are unable to see our toes down below what seems to be a bottomless belly. Monitoring kicks and flutters and everyday all day being specifically about nurturing the life that we are carrying within us. It’s a beautiful thing though it practically wrecks our bodies and emotions and causes us to bear what is probably going to be the worst pain we’ll ever feel in our life. Yet and still, no matter the hurt that comes with it we still have the capacity to carry it through to delivery.

This too is true not only for pregnancy and childbirth, but we carry other life within us as well. Some of us are just at the beginning and there is no evidence on the outside of us that says we are carrying something. Others are in their full term and its shows that they are close to delivering something of a miracle.  Whatever life you are carrying inside of you is important and it has to be nurtured and cared for inwardly in order for it to be successful outwardly. What’s growing in your womb? Is it a beauty salon, a bestseller, a worldwide ministry, a catering business, a stage play, or your first album? Whatever it is, you were born with the capacity to carry it. God gifted you to do it. Everything you need to deliver it to the outside world is within you already. Inside of you, you are carrying someone’s hope, someone’s healing, someone’s comfort, someone’s blessing, and someone’s joy.

It is my biggest fear to die with everything God gave me still inside of me. My belly is swollen and my heart is full from the desire to give what God has given me to the people who need it. It’s what purpose is all about. Finding out what is inside of you, nurturing it, and then giving it away. Only then will we have the true fulfillment that our souls yearn for. What’s inside of you is not for you alone. You are just the vessel. The true miracle is in the life that it’s going to bring to someone else.

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