An Unexpected Place of Miracles

Most often we expect God to use us or bless us in the areas that we have mastered. We rest on our accolades, our strengths, our gifts and talents. Showing the world how good we are at this. When it takes no real effort because we were born with that strength. Its natural to us. Second nature. It has the ease of breathing. We get stuck there waiting on God to bless us there. Right there. Elevate us there. Promote us there. Give us the key to that Kingdom. But God, most often, births miracles from our weakest areas. He promotes us in areas where we’ve had the most failures. He covers our mistakes with His Grace and causes us to grow in spite of ourselves. He makes us bear the discomfort of being placed in areas that we aren’t ready for and can’t perform successfully without completely relying on Him to help us do it. That’s where God’s glory shines. Right there, where our Faith and Weakness mingles together to create miracles.

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