You Have The Right To Change

Have you ever wanted to start over? I mean like from scratch with a new attitude, new atmosphere, new love language, a new bright lipstick and everything in between? At some point in my life I decided that change is necessary for my survival. I have to be better, be whole, be love. I have to be everything that I am and everything that I care to be. I can no longer live within the restraints of humankind but I have to be free like spirit; spirit in which I am first and foremost, unbound by the human experience. I need to be free with no limitations on my soul, and build upon the unseen power within me. I must speak up when you are wrong. I must think highly as if I am capable of all the goodness that God wants to place upon me. I must set boundaries and allow myself a peaceful place to dwell that is not infiltrated by the ills of your brokenness. I must see beauty where they say that there is none. I must forgive and lighten the load of my tired heart. I must be grand, phenomenal, imperfect, bold, vulnerable, awkward, weird, Holy, powerful, creative, soulful, love, ambition, pride, intellect, brown, whole, love. I must BE. I must be me, and however doesn’t like it can leave…

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