Signs That You Are Walking in God’s Favor

Favor is one of those things that I pray for continually. Its when things line up for your good simply because of God’s love for you. It’s that extra divine help that we need to meet us at our weak areas and make up the space where we lack the capability to make it happen on our own. Sometimes its just a sweet gift from God, nothing deep but maybe   somehow you got your favorite coffee that you usually pay 5 dollars for, for free, or maybe someone out of the blue says something to you that you really needed to hear, or maybe someone made an unexpected investment into your business because they just felt compelled to. Favor can show up in many different ways. Sweet moments that God uses to affirm His love and approval of us is what they are. I have listed 8 things below that are signs that you are walking in God’s favor but really I could name a million. Let’s just start with these from my personal walk. Number 1…

Someone is pouring into you for free what they could easily charge you for.

  • Has someone taken such a liking to you that they are pouring all of their good information into you because they genuinely want to see you succeed? Favor.

You were given more time.

  • Has procrastination or life hindrances kept you from meeting a deadline and somehow you’ve been given more time, or another chance that others didn’t get? Favor.

What once was hard has easiness now.

  • Has something that used to be a roaring monster in your life become more like roadkill under your feet and you don’t even let it bother you anymore? Favor.

An impossible situation was rectified with little to no effort from you.

  • Has something you were sweating blood to fix all of sudden taken a turn for the best even though you didn’t get to do anything except have private panic attacks from wondering what you were going to do about it? Favor.

She/He somehow got their attitude together.

  • Did that person that was giving you hell all of a sudden straighten up without you having that ugly or awkward little sit down with them that they were surely in need of? Favor.

New opportunities.

  • Partnerships, jobs, contracts, engagements, grants. Girl surely someone else was more qualified than lil ole you. I know I wasn’t qualified for some of the places God put me in. Favor.

Quickly answered prayer.

  • Where you just praying for something and God sent you an answer before you could barely come out of the prayer? I think He wants you to know He’s listening. Favor.


  • There have been times when it felt like God reached down and grabbed my fear, anxiety, and overwhelmed mind and replaced it with a bed of yellow roses called joy. I smiled in the midst of what wanted me to doubt God because He had given me the confidence to believe that He had already worked it out for me. Favor.

We are God’s daughters. He wants us to thrive and be successful physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He also wants us to know that we are loved, just like any parent would. Those small and big moments of Godlike victories can’t be earned. He makes them happen simply because He loves and approves of us. No acrobatic spiritual performance is needed. He is just a Father loving on His favorite girl.

Pray this:

Thank you God for being a good Father. I am thankful for who you are in my life. I am thankful for what you have done for me. I pray that your presence will go before me and make everything good before I get there. I pray that your presence makes up the difference where I fall short. Thank you for your favor. Thank you that I increase in favor with you daily and therefore I have also gained favor with men.

In Jesus name, amen.


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