An Open Letter to Insecure Women

Do not take it lightly being a woman. This alone makes us royal. We are mothers even if we don’t have children because we birth goodness into the Earth. We balance the atmosphere. We strengthen the environment giving men a place to come and be healed and be set free from the combines of their hard realities. We make it all alright when we realize our power. We are God’s daughters and He cares so deeply about our hearts. So much so that a simple prayer from you can shift a life from dying to living. We make dead things live again. We give birth to nations. Without us life and love would be impossible. Everything and everyone needs love no matter how hard they try to deny it. Every killer needs love. Every racist needs love. Every misogynist needs love. Maybe they needed to receive it without boundaries or restrictions, or conditions to their behavior. Maybe they needed to accept love from God or whomever they needed but rejected. Maybe they needed to cultivate it within themselves so that they could acquire the much needed human characteristic of empathy.

As women everything we are is love, when we realize our power. We were born with it in our bosom. Not lacking and not void. Full, beautiful, fragrant, intelligent, thoughtful, creative, fruitful, powerful, strong enough to be gentle, and wise enough to love. The nations that are hurting the most and lack sufficiency are the nations that have chosen to oppress their women. Their worlds are hurting because the women have been hindered from producing the light that they were born to give and so they trip over themselves in the darkness while candles surround them, only needing to be lit.

Fight for yourself and in doing that you are also fighting for the world. Fight to be confident because you ought to be. Fight to be loved because you ought to be. Fight to be heard because you ought to be. Fight to be your authentic self and nothing less because you ought to be. In fighting for yourself you give the world rhythm.

You should pick yourself up. Today. It’s ok if you have to do it alone. Butterflies can only come into their beauty after they have developed in solitude and no one comes along to break them out of that cocoon. They have to do it on their own. And they do. Because they know that they were created to be more. You have a more. It is already laid up for you and waiting to be claimed.

Cultivate: to foster growth and care; to grow or raise something under conditions that you can control; to foster the growth of; to improve by labor, care, or study

Cultivate. Cultivate what it is that you need. Cultivate strength. Cultivate self-love and awareness. Cultivate spirituality. Cultivate confidence. Cultivate emotional independence. Cultivate a prayer life. Cultivate fearlessness. Cultivate love. Cultivate goodness. Cultivate self. You are all that you need to be. It just takes a little work to get that the good stuff inside of you out of you. So we have to cultivate.

Insecure: not confident about yourself or your ability to do things well; not certain to continue or be successful for a long time; deficient in assurance, beset by fear and anxiety

Insecure. Choose not to give this word light in your world. It really is a choice. Reject it by asserting your value even if you’re afraid. Reject it by not letting negatively spoken words take root in your mind. Reject it by ending relationships that corrupt how you view yourself. Reject it by countering every negative thought about yourself with a positive thought. Let that positive thought take root. Plant seeds of positive affirmation in your heart. Keep doing it until you believe it.

This is the good work of every woman’s life. Learning to see ourselves in the same splendor that God does. Learning to maximize the gifts that God has placed within us. Learning that competition is an allusion because no two people have the same thing to give. We all bring something uniquely exceptional when we bring our true self, not wanting to be or be like someone else. Then when we honor God by honoring ourselves magic happens. God’s love is then revealed in the earth. Fill your insufficient places with the Love and Glory of God and insecurity will no longer have a place to call home.

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